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Bloated Belly: Why and What to Do

Bloated Belly: Why and What to Do

There are many different reasons that cause a bloated belly, but the good news is that there are many remedies that can help you solve this discomfort that causes abdominal swelling. The best option is to avoid specific foods, as well as to establish a more balanced diet. 

On the other hand, if you notice that there is no change in your body, after not eating foods that you think swell your belly, we recommend you to see a professional nutritionist because it is possible that you are intolerant to certain foods and this is important to keep in mind when we talk about abdominal swelling.

If you want to know more about a swollen belly, read on!


Causes of a bloated belly

Possible causes of a swollen belly are as follows:    

  • Intolerances: being intolerant to foods such as gluten, corn or lactose, can cause abdominal swelling. However, if you detect this and eliminate it from your diet, your bloating problem may end. That is why, when you notice that you are intolerant to some foods, you should consult a professional and undergo all the tests you require.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome: this very common condition currently causes constipation, diarrhea or even both at the same time, which means that sometimes the symptoms are diarrhea or other times constipation. On the other hand, another symptom of irritable bowel syndrome is a bloated abdomen that is often combined with pain.
  • SIBO: consists of a disorder in the intestinal microbiota, an alteration of the microbes called dysbiosis that live in the small intestine. Its symptoms are bad breath, abdominal pain and gas, as well as tiredness, weakness, among others. So, if you suffer from bloating, it is possibly caused by bacterial overgrowth in the small intestine.
  • Constipation: this occurs at the moment in which defecation decreases, and you do not necessarily have to have about a week without going to the bathroom, it is enough to take a few days without defecating for the fecal matter to be retained in the colon and cause swelling in the abdomen.
  • Stress: bloated belly is usually related to the existence of many gases in the digestive system, either by excessive gas production or because of stress on the stomach. Now, stress can be caused by family problems, personal problems, conflicts that can trigger digestive health complications and abdominal bloating due to stress.
  • Very heavy food: eating too much and too heavy is possibly the most common cause of bloating, so eating smaller portions avoids discomfort. On the other hand, eating food with a large amount of fat takes much longer to digest completely, and therefore the stomach is fuller for longer. To avoid this discomfort, we recommend eating healthy foods, as well as eating more slowly.
  • Menstruation: women usually complain of having a swollen belly during their menstruation days. This is caused by fluid retention in the abdominal area. However, the swelling usually decreases regularly at the end of the days of the period. On the other hand, to reduce abdominal distension you can consume diuretic tea, melon, as well as consume fruits that relieve bloating.
  • Change of life or routines: if you change some of your habits you may discover what kind of routines and foods cause abdominal bloating. Consider that eating too much and swallowing instead of chewing causes you to swallow more air than usual. Also, carbonated beverages such as beer and soda are the reasons why carbon builds up and causes bloating. 
  • Pregnancy: it is normal when the abdominal area begins to grow in the first trimester of pregnancy, and as time goes by it will increase in size evenly down to the area below the breasts. 
  • Women often retain fluid in the hands, ankles and nose, so it is often necessary to reduce the intake of sodium and salt, in addition to drinking plenty of water. On the other hand, it is advisable not to drink any tea without the prior consent of a specialized doctor, since many plants should not be consumed during pregnancy.
  • Ascites: it is known as a medical condition which consists of fluid retention in the abdominal area, due to liver complications such as liver cirrhosis. In addition, the swelling is not only caused by the accumulation of liquid, it is also a consequence of the alterations suffered by the liver and spleen. If you suspect that you are suffering from this condition, we recommend that you visit a gastroenterologist to make the pertinent observations, in addition to indicating the treatment you require.
  • Intestinal obstruction: is an emergency complication that occurs when stool does not pass through the intestine, due to an interference in its path, causing inconvenience to defecate, eliminate bloating, gas, abdominal pain or nausea.

Possible causes for a bloated belly


Tips to prevent a bloated belly

We leave you with the following recommendations that will help you reduce the discomfort caused by a bloated belly once you have identified the cause:

  • Get moving! Exercise: doing sports is the ideal activity when you suffer from constipation, since exercise tones the muscles that are awakened at the time of evacuation, in addition to inciting bowel movement.
  • Drink plenty of water: it is essential that you drink the necessary amount of water per day, since the health of your intestines depends on the hydration you have. To the water you drink you can add turmeric, ginger, lemon slices, ingredients with digestive action that give flavor to the water.
  • Consume fiber if you think you need it: if you think your reason is related to constipation, something that will come in handy is to take, for example, two kiwis in the morning with a glass of water as soon as you get up. Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries are fruits that prevent constipation and bloating, so they are also highly recommended for inflammation.
  • Acquire natural supplements: Ingesting natural anti-inflammatory supplements is the best option to prevent and control a bloated belly. If you prefer to go natural, we recommend preparing infusions of ginger, mint, fennel, and lemon balm, as they are ideal for relieving abdominal swelling.
  • Meditation: with a healthy diet, you will undoubtedly notice a before and after in your body, however, emotions and thinking also harm the intestine. Stress and negative emotions cause inflammation and make the digestive system much more susceptible to bloating. Therefore, practicing meditation will help you train the nervous system and consequently decrease high stress levels and abdominal inflammation.
  • Light Dinner: do not consume foods with too much fat or in large quantities. We recommend you to opt for small portions and light but extremely nutritious foods such as chicken breasts with lemon and aromatic herbs, romaine lettuce rolls, a fruit salad, something simple but delicious!
  • Highlight possible intolerances: a bloated belly is one of the symptoms of diseases such as irritable bowel syndrome or food intolerance, so we recommend that you visit a medical professional where they will make the appropriate observations to rule out possible diseases that cause inflammation.
  • Decrease salt intake: Excessive salt consumption can cause fluid retention and, therefore, abdominal swelling, so we recommend reducing your intake, as well as avoiding processed foods, since this type of food is low in fiber and high in sodium.



A bloated belly can be a symptom of various complications in the digestive system, so it is important not to self-medicate, especially if you suspect you are pregnant. Consider each of the recommendations above and be sure to create new habits and a healthy diet established by a professional nutritionist.

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And remember that not only food can cause bloating, but also stress. If your goal is to never feel bloating discomfort again, start working on your physical and mental health.

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